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AWARDS: Society of Professional Journalists–NW Excellence in Journalism; LA Webfest–Outstanding Writing; Great Dating Blog Awards–Best Niche Blog

TV, Film & Scriptwriting

  • “Sex by the Numbers” MSN web series
  • “Let’s Big Happy,” Netflix TV series
  • “Hollyscoop” Nationally broadcast TV show
  • The Toy Box, Feature-length independent film

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“Kristin managed various technical writing projects independently and developed excellent working relationships with each client/manager. Her creativity, communication skills, and attention to detail established her as one of the most requested writers and contributors on the team.” – Jeri Condit, Editor-in-Chief, MSN Living


“The multiple times I have hired Kristin, she’s produced brilliant writing that is concise, full of life and clarity. I feel lucky to have her rare skills available as I usually give limited direction, require strong SEO web writing with very constrained deadlines. I completely trust her research and writing abilities as well as gut instincts when it comes to my client’s projects and the value she provides me and my firm consistently. – John Miguel Plail of John Plail Creative


“I discovered Kristin when looking for someone to write, research and help me with dialogue on my feature film, ‘THE TOY BOX.’ She was a great researcher, listened to instruction, and took direction on how I wanted the storyline to go. She even helped with the copywriting. I highly recommend her for work on any screenplay, as she is diverse and creative.” – Michael Colburn, DTR Films


Adam McKay, Anchorman Director (Freelance, ThriveWire)

Adam Davidson, NPR’s Planet Money (Freelance, ThriveWire)

Jean Chatzky, TODAY Financial Editor (Mentalfloss)

Erika Diettes, Colombian artist/photographer (Freelance)

Adam Carolla, Comedian (Hollyscoop)

Tom Green, Comedian (Hollyscoop)

Michael B. Jordan, ‘The Wire’; Chronicle

 Fox Digital

A comedy series I co-wrote for Fox Digital:
Let’s Big Happy: Trailer, Fox Digital