Kristin Wong, Freelance Writer & Author

Kristin Wong is an award-winning writer, journalist, and author who regularly contributes to the New York Times, Lifehacker, New York magazine’s The Cut, and more. She’s also written for NBC News, Fox Digital, and Scripps Network Interactive. In 2010, she won an award from the Society of Professional Journalists for her work at MSN Living, where she produced a video series and wrote an accompanying blog. She frequently writes about personal finance, human behavior, and travel. Kristin is the author of the forthcoming book Get Money, slated for release in March 2018.

You can check out her writing portfolio here.

In 2012, Kristin cowrote a web series for Fox, Let’s Big Happy. The show won multiple awards at LA Webfest, including an award for Outstanding Writing. You can find the series on Netflix or Myspace because apparently Myspace still exists. Kristin received her bachelor’s degree in Literature from the University of Houston and has experience with technical writing, copywriting, screenwriting, and essay writing. (If something requires words, she’s probably done it.) She paid her way through college with essay-based scholarships, a part-time job, and a $10k student loan she has since paid off. In addition to writing, Kristin is passionate about promoting personal finance and creating more access to financial literacy.

When she’s not glued to her laptop, Kristin can be found taking pictures, hanging out with animals, and trying to remember the name of the person she just met. She is originally from Houston, Texas and misses Whataburger.