kristinwongKristin Wong is an award-winning writer and former correspondent for the MSN Living original series, Sex by the Numbers. Her contributions to MSN Living’s The Heart Beat blog won her an award from the Society of Professional Journalists. She regularly writes for Lifehacker and mental_floss. She has also contributed to NBC News, the Scripps network, Bankrate, and Fidelity.

Kristin has also written for Fox Digital’s comedy site, Madatoms, and cowrote a web series for them as well: Let’s Big Happy. The show won an award for outstanding writing at LA Webfest. You can find the series on Netflix or Myspace. Yes, Myspace still exists.

In 2005, Kristin won a top award at Worldfest International Film Festival for her very first short film. From there, she thought it would be funny to make a movie about eating hot dogs. So she enlisted the help of some good friends, and they made it.  Top Dog, they named it. Kristin held a screening of the hot dog movie at the University of Houston, the very establishment where she had previously received a degree. In Literature.

Kristin recently found a ridiculously large silverfish in her bathtub. It was unpleasant.

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